Children Health and Business Health

The Parallels between Children Health and Business Health.

Children Health
Children Health

I can guess what you are likely thinking; what does business health have to do with Children Health? I would have been asking the same question if it were not for a conversation that I recently had with the owner of an online organic baby-food company who was struggling to stay in business. That is, until he partnered with a SEO agency. Yes, babies, organic food, Children Health and SEO do have something in common.

Let me explain, just as Organic wholefood is the basis of ensuring Children Health by providing the clean nutrients that a baby or small child requires to prosper and grow, customer traffic is the basis for an online business to prosper and grow. This is where the SEO (2) agency comes into play. A top-notch SEO agency has the tools and capability to increase the amount of traffic that is clicking on a website (1).

Just as a baby or small child requires substantial quantities of fruits and vegetables to ensure that they remain healthy and that they grow at an appropriate rate. Nutrition is obviously a very vital key to Children Health. The same can be said for growing and sustaining traffic to a website. Traffic is obviously a very vital key to the health of an online business and SEO or search engine optimization is the key to generating and maintaining continued traffic to a website.

The online organic baby-food company owner that I spoke with had spent significant time and capital on product development, on identifying and hiring the most talented personal, on a state of the art website. All of this focused on Children Health. He had done almost everything right and he thought that for these reasons that the customers and sales would simply start rolling in but that was not the case. He thought that in today’s world of a growing number of purchases being online and via mobile devices that the customers would simply find him, find his site. However, the internet is as vast and unknown as the universe with most websites being like undiscovered planets. They exist, they may be incredible, but no one even knows that they are there.

The owner’s passion, his mission in life is to ensure Children Health around the world by providing organic nutrition at a discount price but his undiscovered website was not allowing this dream to become a reality. At least that was true until one day he was speaking to a friend who also owns an online company in a related but noncompeting product field. His friend told him how his business had been in decline for two consecutive years until he hired a local SEO company. Within six months the SEO agency had ranked his website on the first page of Google search for his product name. This page one ranking increased his sales two fold.

Since this very impactful conversation the online organic baby-food company owner has partnered with a leading SEO agency and only after four months has seen a continued upward trend in traffic and sales. There is every reason to believe that he will now see his dream of to ensuring Children Health around the world by providing organic nutrition at a discount price come true.

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